2016 Landscape Photography Workshops
offered by ‘Wandering Around Outdoors’

‘Wandering Around Outdoors’ Landscape Photography Workshops offer comprehensive, uniquely stimulating and thought provoking landscape photography workshops. The workshop curriculum features the principles and formulas of advanced composition as created and established by the world’s most successful landscape artists while helping you take the mystery out of today’s digital cameras and image processing.

Both the ‘Art Light’ Landscape Photography Field Workshops and The ‘Masters Program’ Landscape Photography Workshops offer outdoor photographers something few other workshops can – A COLLEGE LEVEL ART EDUCATION IN JUST THREE DAYS. Together, the curriculum and the in-the-field experience of the workshop programs can forever change the way you see and photograph the natural world around you.

We welcome you to consider our offerings and we look forward to Wandering Around Outdoors with you soon.





We look forward to Wandering Around Outdoors with you soon.

Tom Gamache and Van Webster.